Monday, April 17, 2017

a new deck!

Three daughters, a son-in-law and a future son-in-law arrived on Friday afternoon. A brother and a sister-in-law arrived on Saturday morning. A few extra folks joined us for dinner on Saturday, just to cheer us on. Over three days, a sturdy and handsome deck was built under the watchful eye and gentle leadership of my brother Doug. 

There was an Easter egg hunt, hosted by the kids. There were delicious meals and plenty of clean up help. There were memories shared, aspirations and secrets. The weather was great, with rain overnight and sunny breezy days to work. Teasing, story telling, hugs and so much co-operation! 

Everyone is gone now, trickling away since yesterday afternoon. 

Batman and I need to do a bit of grading, we need to add the railings and we're scheming about a daylily bed.

I had not listened to the news for days...we were too busy working and having fun.

But now,  I wonder about the state of the world and the threat of nuclear war (I am so disgusted). If the world comes to an end I will sit here, watching the sun set over the Green Mountains of Vermont, with all the love I have been blessed with, brimming in my heart. If the unimaginable does not happen, I will sit here filled with gratitude. 


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  1. Such a wonderful project and how great to have so much help from family. Very uplifting, Karen! As for the news, that is another story, unfortunately. We can only live in hope...