Wednesday, October 5, 2016

progress on the three season porch

Finally picking up the reno story! 

We were happy to let the crew install the new windows, but as we saw our budget swell, we stopped right there. The porch sat at a standstill, with its yucky old carpet and its simple framing until two weekends ago. 

My multi-talented brother Doug and his wife Ra arrived to whip the project into shape! Peter pulled up the carpet and we removed the carpet tacks and most of the staples before Doug and Ra arrived. Our kitten Wilma took on the role of chief inspector. We bought drywall, compound, insulation and whatnot ahead of time and had them at the ready.

Of course, there were a few supplies that needed fetching, so we headed down to town on Sunday. My brother said, "You can't find wood like this down our way", as he figured out what we needed for trim. These are two of my favorite men on the planet.
The saws whirred, the sawdust collected, the drywall dust flew and I got to use the router! Doug was a champ and led the crew. (Mostly, we just tried to stay out of his way).
By the time Doug and Ra left on Tuesday morning, the porch had been transformed. Next up...I think we'll paint the room a bright white and the ceiling sky blue.