Wednesday, August 19, 2015

trusses arrive

I still can't believe we hosted a wedding on this lawn, 
 with 100 guests, just a week and a half ago.

An "oversize" truck with a crane
plunked its cargo in the side yard.

Many thanks to the very grumpy truck driver from Quebec 
for navigating the dirt roads and narrow driveway.
You may not have been quite as grumpy if you had used our contractor
John's helpful directions instead of "doing your own thing".



East view---from the driveway/roadside, with porch.
North view---porch, woodshed and three season porch.
West view---three season porch, living room and 
master bedroom upstairs.
Utility and sewing studio downstairs.
Here's the old deck that perched outside the three season porch,
waiting for us to salvage bits of it.
South view---with scar on siding from big spruce that 
was taken down a few weeks ago.
Master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen on main floor,
sewing studio and back bedroom downstairs.

This is what is being unloaded as I type!
Hello second story!
This whole project got really real this morning!

utility trenches

A trench was dug from the far corner of the garage, across the side yard and up to the side of the woodshed (the bit of roof in the upper left hand corner of the photo). The trench was lined with sand and the lines for the propane tanks were laid in and covered over.
A trench for the power and phone lines was dug from the road, down across the driveway and up to the corner of the woodshed. Conduits were laid down and covered in. 
Monday, August 17, 2015

Green Mountain Power came and installed a new pole up by the road. That seemed counterintuitive to me...a taller pole for an underground line?

Matt our electrician upgraded EVERYTHING to code and then some. Peace of mind on that front.

This is all the very dull stuff. It's money sunk into the ground, but now we are up to speed with our utilities.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

here we go!

After hosting a wedding for 100 here at our "bit of earth" on Saturday, we have jumped in to our reno project with gusto! Just documenting work here for now, will fill in with pictures and narrative later.

Monday, August 10, 2015
-old oil tank and furnace/boiler removed from basement.
-began packing up belongings.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 (pouring rain, mud everywhere)
-excavator arrived.
-lilac tree removed from corner of woodshed and transplanted to side yard.
-ditch dug across upper yard for two new propane tanks and lines.
-ditch dug across driveway, to bury power line and phone line from road to corner of wood shed.
-more packing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
-sand delivered and set in ditch for propane lines, lines set, ditch filled in.
-crushed rock delivered and spread over driveway where ditch had been filled.
-electrician upgraded power to garage, installed box at corner of woodshed.
-old deck removed from view side of house, piled up for disposal.
-more packing.

Thursday, August 13, 2015
-satellite dish (internet) removed from front of house, set on free standing pole in yard, with detachable cable (for temporary removal to allow for heavy machinery in yard).
-more packing.
-baked a batch of granola (no oven soon!)

-mega laundry all week, post-wedding sheets and towels for 6/7 extra folks, very busy clothesline!