Friday, November 13, 2015

field trip!

We recently took a field trip to see the progress being made on our kitchen cupboards. Glen's workshop is an inspired space...well lit, organized and wood scented. Trained in Scotland, Glen spent years working on Nantucket and has adopted Vermont as his newest home. Lucky for us, Peter met him via work, and we are now looking forward to having Glen's beautiful work nestled in our new kitchen and bath. We asked him to find a source for local wood and he came through with flying colors. Red birch in the kitchen and curly maple in the bathroom.

We are tall people, and Glen has added a few inches to our bottom cupboards to bring the countertops up to a more comfortable height. Do you know how many years we have waited for this to happen???
I am actually looking forward to washing the first sink full of dishes without having to stretch my back every few minutes.  Such simple, simple pleasures.

My new best friend lives at Glen's place. Jasper is a fine shepherd who would chase a frisbee as many times as I would throw it. There are also two very fine cats that hang about the place.

If you didn't have access to a "real" kitchen for months on end what would you cook the very first time you found your way into your dream kitchen? Please discuss.


  1. What a fun field trip! Wonderful hand tools and canine assistant. There's no question the cupboards/cabinets will be beautiful! I'd probably make a celebratory pot of soup and loaf of bread.

  2. How wonderful! Jasper is too sweet (that face! Our boys have it when they're trying to use their Jedi mind tricks on us).

    I can just imagine the joy your new kitchen will bring. Your correct-height countertops make me think of Julia Child.

    I think I'd want to make pasta. Homemade noodles. Sauce from my own tomatoes. A nice big salad. And of course, wine.

  3. having just visited my dad, I lpve the tools, but then I so love dogs. I would definitely make a big pot of tomato sauce to put together a fine spinach lasagna with good bread, good wine, and good friends to celebrate! xo tqoe

  4. Oh, I cannot wait to see your new kitchen, Karen!! We were without our kitchen for a couple of months and I feel your pain! lol I think you will come up with something beautifully organic and aromatic for your first meal there. And I believe there might be some dancing involved!